The 6th Customer Demonstration Event in Busan Metropolitan City (SONGD…

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The 6th Customer Demonstration Event

in Busan Metropolitan City (SONGDO)

Date: Nov. 15. 2020

Following the 5th Customer Demonstration Event held in Goyang city in Capital Area,

we performed the 6th Customer Demonstration Event (including hands-on experiences

for participants) on SEAL BOOSTER(SB-B Model) in SONGDO Marine Leports Center

in Busan Metropolitan City with more than 15 people participated on the spot. 

As ever, the whole process of event was done in such a good order without a hitch.

Right after a brief introduction on SEAL BOOSTER(product description & specifications) was made,

instructor demonstration on how to operate SEAL BOOSTER was followed.

This time, almost all of comers applied for hands-on experience to our amazement. 

Regarding the review of hands-on experiences from free-divers

and the person interested in marine leisure industry,

“SEAL BOOSTER can be a good item for rental use

for marine leisure business, let me consider.”

“I would like to use SEAL BOOSTER in aquarium, it will be more exciting!”


Many thanks to all the staffs who spared no efforts in going

the demonstration event on wheels and to the people

who paid their precious visit in spite of their busy schedules. 

lease, click below image. You will be connected to correspondence link very soon. 




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