The 7th Customer Demonstration Event in Jeju island (2nd day)

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The 7th Customer Demonstration Event

in Jeju island(2nd day)

Date: Nov. 19. 2020

Following the 1st session of 7th Customer Demonstration Event held on a day before,
we set the ball rolling in the very same place as before
for the 2nd session of 7th Customer Demonstration Event.

More than 5 people who attended the 1st session took an active part again
in the 2nd session as well with great expectations.
Though SEAL BOOSTER is quite easy to use for any beginner,
people will be able to have a lot more fun once they become familiar. 

 On the 2nd session of Customer Demonstration Event,
more focus was put on hands-on experiences as 20 people
was waiting for their turn in anticipation.

Speed comparison was done in two different situations,
when wearing SEAL BOOSTER only without finning and
finning with all force without wearing SEAL BOOSTER.

Furthermore, the demonstration of rescue operation
with SEAL BOOSTER for a drowning man was given as well.

SEAL BOOSTER can be used as a life rescue device
on a limited basis in case of emergencies,
not to speak of use for recreational use. 

Very Many Thanks to all the staffs (3 instructors, camera shooting staff, several assistants etc.)
who spared no efforts in going the demonstration event on wheels
and to the people who paid their precious visit in spite of their busy schedules.

Special thanks again to the people who participated twice following the previous day.

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