2021 Asian Cup Boryeong International Yacht Championship

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2021 Asian Cup
Boryeong International Yacht Championship Date: July. 21. 2021  

A late thank you to the hundreds of those who paid
a precious visit to our booth during Asian Cup Yacht Tournament
that was held in Boryeong City of South Chungcheong Province
at the end of July. The weather was quite hot and sticky during the three-day
four-night event period which made the whole event schedules
be down scaled more than expected.
Daytime temperatures reached up to 37℃! Luckily for us, it was also such a good opportunity to receive from a number of foreign tourists queries about the way how
they would be able to buy some sets for their own personal uses.
We also had some special guests like a group of Executives from
Korea Yachting Association, who were interested
in using SEAL BOOSTER for their yacht maintenance
like hull cleaning and something like that. Apart from leisure purposes from the public at large,
SEAL BOOSTER can be used extensively in various fields
with its diverse application.

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