SEAL BOOSTER for rescue purpose

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SEAL BOOSTER for rescue purpose

Date: Apr. 21. 2022

We are glad to announce that we have done SEAL BOOSTER hands-on experience a week ago targeting those fire-fighters from one of local fire-stations for their use in rescue area. Rescue drill on the sea was done as if it were a real emergency situation. 

Though there were some waves and tidal surges on the sea due to bad weather condition on that day, fire-fighter successfully achieved the desired end by saving from drowning. 

Originally, this version of SEAL BOOSTER which is named as SB-B Model was developed as an optimized device for recreational divers including snorkelers. However, as you may see from above video, this model can also be used effectively for rescue purpose when being operated at maximum(Booster Mode) speed level. With its unique advantages for users as their two hands are totally unrestricted during underwater activities of any kind, SEAL BOOSTER will become a good choice for people who are engaged in rescue area. 

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